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ChatFast is a platform that helps you to create GPT chatbot from your own data. The chatbot can answer any questions and can be embed on website.

At the moment, ChatFast supports plain text, pdfs, website url.

Chatbot can understand and help in 95+ different languages. When you ask a question, it will do its best to give you an answer in the language you asked, even if the text is written in a different language.

ChatFast allows you to train your chatbot using various data sources, and also lets you add custom Q&A to guide the chatbot in answering specific inquiries. Additionally, chatbot can collect visitor information (name, email, phone number) and provide insights on why your visitors are reaching out, giving you valuable analytics.

Yes, API access is currently available for paid plans. Please refer to API Reference section. If you need help contact us:

Currently, we do not offer a free trial. However, you can still experience our services through our free-tier option.

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